STREAM: African Literature: Communities, Collaborations, Crafts & Crossings

STREAM: African Literature: Communities, Collaborations, Crafts & Crossings

The panels in this thematic stream will consider the ways in which literary works and their authors have moved within, across, into and out of Africa’s literary environments and domains. They will therefore consider national, pan-African and transnational collaborations (and conflicts), as well as connections between different located literary communities, whilst seeking to address literary practices and materials, as well as the technologies and institutions of production by which they are governed and from which they emerge. One of the aims of this stream is thus to facilitate an exploration of the relevance to scholars of African verbal arts of recent attempts to theorize literary production and circulation at scales other than the national.

Sample Panel 1: ‘Networks and Fields’

Sample Panel 2: ‘African Literary Ecologies’

Sample Panel 3: ‘Small-Scale Production: Publishers, Periodicals and Literary Societies’

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