ASAUK 2018: Call for thematic streams

ASAUK 2018: Call for thematic streams

The next ASAUK Conference will be held on 11–13 September 2018 at the University of Birmingham. Bringing together scholars of Africa from a broad range of disciplines, from different continents, and at different levels of their careers, the conference offers a space for supportive and collaborative encounters.

In order to limit panel clashes, the conference hosts several thematic streams. These streams can include between two and 13 panels, which will be tabled successively so that all those interested in a particular stream can attend all of its panels. At the 2016 ASAUK conference, 26 thematic streams covered a wide range of topics, including

  • African screen media and audiovisual representation
  • Childhood in African societies
  • Congo Research Network stream
  • Militaries and politics
  • Newspapers, periodicals and print cultures
  • Resilience in East African landscapes
  • Slavery and freedom in African societies
  • Studying materiality and temporality in the aftertime of the long 20th century
  • The contemporary Mahgreb
  • The middle class in Africa
  • The political economy of development

Stream organisers are responsible for organising at least two thematically linked panels, with a panel normally consisting of a minimum of three paper presenters and one chair. They are also expected to respond to proposals from colleagues who wish to contribute panels or individual papers to their stream. In acknowledgement of their contribution to the success of the conference, stream organisers will also be given priority with regard to any bursaries for Africa-based scholars awarded by the ASAUK. Stream organiser are typically senior and well-networked scholars who are not in need of the bursaries themselves.

If you are interested in organising a thematic stream, please contact Insa Nolte AND Elisa Tuijnder (; with the relevant details by 15 September 2017.

Please note:

  • ASAUK conferences do not limit participants’ contributions, and conference participants are allowed to present as many papers as are accepted by the organisers. Participants are also allowed to take on multiple duties as chairs and discussants.
  • We are not yet able to provide the final prices for conference attendance but we expect to publish an indicative price list in July 2017.
  • The ASAUK is run solely by volunteers. Income from the conference pays for the cost of the hosting university’s infrastructure, organisation, subsidies for student presenters, bursaries for Africa-based scholars, prices, and the Association’s support of UK-African collaboration through Writing Workshops and Teaching Fellowships.
  • Calls for single panels and individual papers will be published from September 2017.

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