Audrey Richards Prize

Audrey Richards Prize

Audrey Richards Prize for the best British doctoral thesis in African Studies

Dr Audrey Richards, CBE (1899–1984) was a pioneering British social anthropologist who worked mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, notably Zambia, South Africa and Uganda. She held lectureships and directorships at LSE, Witwatersrand, Makerere, and Cambridge. She was the Second President of ASAUK.

The Audrey Richards Prize is awarded biennially for the best doctoral thesis in African Studies which has been successfully examined in a British institute of higher education during the two calendar years immediately preceding the next ASAUK Conference.

The prize is something which will enhance any graduate’s CV and is accompanied by a certificate and an attractive package of book and journal vouchers from the generosity of our publisher donors. The winner of the 2016 Prize was Jesse Zink, University of Cambridge (Christianity and Catastrophe: Sudan’s Civil Wars and Religious Change Among the Dinka), with two runners up: Maggie Dwyer, University of Edinburgh (Anticipating the Revolt: Trends in Military Mutinies in West and Central Africa, 1960-2012); and Rebecca Jones, University of Birmingham (Writing Domestic Travel in Yoruba and English Print Culture, Southwestern Nigeria 1914-2014).


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