ASAUK Biennial Conference 2010

The ASAUK biennial conference was held at St Antony’s College, Oxford, on the 16th‐19th September 2010. There was a wonderful response to the ASAUK call for papers, with close on 450 abstracts and proposals submitted. We adopted an inclusive approach and tried to find space for as many contributions as possible and well over 300 papers were included in the final programme. The Conference brought together scholars from a variety of academic disciplines and from across the globe.

The conference had a series of six sub‐plenary special lectures held each evening, including:

States Creation and the Crisis of Governance in Nigeria, by Professor Rufus Akinyele;

Land Reform in South Africa, by Professor Lungisile Ntsebeza;

The Zimbabwean Crisis and the Unresolved Conundrum of Race in the Postcolonial Period, by Dr James Muzondidya (Mary Kingsley Zochonis Lecturer);

(In)visibility in African Cultures by Dr Veronique Tadjo;

A special lecture by Johnnie Carson, US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa Affairs on the US and Africa;

Asian Solutions to African Problems: What Can Africa Learn about Development from South‐east Asia, by Dr Tim Kelsall.

Full reports on many of these summary highlights will be in the next newsletter and on the website.

A new ASAUK Council was elected at the The 47th ASAUK Annual General Meeting.

Read about the ASAUK awards at the conference.

Download overall conference programme (PDF)
Download paper timetable (PDF)