The conceptions of development are intricately interwoven with several economic indices arising from the society’s management of governance issues and gender questions. Africa represents a clear example of a continent beleaguered by crass underdevelopment in several of its countries on account of obvious mismanagement of its governance paradigms grossly affected by inefficient management of gender traditions. Statistics show a clear trend that there are no intentional systemic balanced quest of organised and purposeful pursuit of national development and therefore continental growth through composite structures of economy, gender and governance.

When Africa is compared to other continents of the world, it is obvious that the continent represents the sick man of all the continents comparatively, particularly in the discourse of development. In what ways can efficient management of the gender politics improve the status of development of Africa? How can questions of gender be better channeled as fulcrum for the attainment of a much needed advancement of the continent? In what ways can Africa be brought out of her contemporary deplorable development level, especially through a balanced streamlining of gender rights and equality? If any, how have some African countries efficiently grappled with challenges of gender inclusiveness and politics for the realisation of sustainable growth in their respective national regimes? What more can be done to raise the ante of Africa’s current developmental dilemma? Therefore, this stream calls for papers and panels relevant in addressing the above and related questions bothering on positing effective solutions to Africa’s development challenges arising from inefficient handling of the gender politics and inclusiveness.

Organisers: Ezinwanyi E. ADAM (, Eteete Michael ADAM (, Hannah Muzee (, Onyinyechi N. Nwaolikpe ( For panel and paper submissions please follow the instructions on the website 

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