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We post here links to a number of organisations and institutions of interest to scholars of Africa and others. To request a link, please contact webweaver(AT)

Africa Confidential
An established specialist information source on Africa, recognised within the Africanist community.

Africa Knowledge Project

Africa Resource

Royal African Society - the ASAUK's sister organisation

African Universities

Publishers of Books on Africa

International African Institute
The International African Institute (IAI) was founded in 1926, and has played a pioneering role in promoting international research, conferences and publications in the fields of African studies, notably anthropology, culture and languages. Publications include the prestigious international journal, Africa; the Africa Bibliography, scholarly books, the International African Library series, the African Arguments series; edited volumes of seminar proceedings; and the Readings in...series (volumes for use in university teaching). The institute is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.

African Studies Departments outside Africa

Africa on the Web

G8 and the Commission for Africa – Resources

AJOL hosts over 450 peer-reviewed scholarly research journals published on the African continent. Many of the journals in the African Studies category are Open Access.

Other sites of interest are:

BISA Africa and International Studies Working Group

Japan Association for African Studies

H-net Africa, a virtual gateway to African Studies with links to discussion groups, reviews, teaching, announcements and job opportunities.

Links 2 Go/African Studies, an academic search engine based in the USA

The Africa Unit, based at the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) in the UK, promoting, facilitating and enhancing partnerships between African and UK Higher and Further education institutions (HE/FE). The Unit supports educational institutions both in Africa and the UK create new partnerships and strengthen existing partnerships by providing information, advice and support. Visit the new Africa Unit Website at:

African Economic Outlook online platform is an online tool that puts rigorous economic data, information and research on Africa at your fingertips. Comprehensive analyses of African economies, placed in their social and political contexts, are now just a few clicks away. In addition to country profiles, this platform provides ongoing research by partner institutions (African Development Bank and UN Economic Commission for Africa) and African think tanks, trends and analysis of sectors critical for development.

Whether you are interested in macroeconomic developments, structural issues, governance, human development or just the raw figures, it is all here. data, analyses and forecasts are displayed in a user-friendly manner, while remaining accessible through lower-band or mobile connections. Developed using Open Source software, databases can be searched, GIS-mapped, downloaded, plotted and printed.

New network of young researchers working in Africa formed - NYRA

Please note:

Black Women's Health And Family Support (BWHAFS) have recently produced a CD-ROM. It has been developed as a valuable resource for educators, social services, community groups, health workers, and anyone with an interest in Somali issues or international development. The CD-ROM costs £15 and covers topic such as details of BWHAFS international projects, female genital mutilation, Somali organisations in the UK, details of projects, workshops, and conferences run by BWHAFS, and a historical background to Somali immigration from 1945 onwards.

Further information can be obtained from BWHAFS, 1st Floor, 82 Russia Lane, London E2 9LU. Tel. 020 8980 3503. Email bwhafs(AT)