Audrey Richards Prize for the best doctoral thesis in African Studies

Dr Audrey Richards, CBE (1899–1984) was a pioneering British social anthropologist who worked mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, notably Zambia, South Africa and Uganda. She held lectureships and directorships at LSE, Witwatersrand, Makerere, and Cambridge. She was the Second President of ASAUK.

The Audrey Richards Prize is awarded biennially for the best doctoral thesis in African Studies which has been successfully examined in a British institution of higher education during the two calendar years immediately preceding the next ASAUK Conference.

The Audrey Richards prize is an early mark of esteem for graduate work and is accompanied by a certificate and an attractive package of book and journal vouchers from the generosity of our publisher donors.

The cut-off is for any dissertation submitted between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2017. Deadline for the submission of nominations will be 31 March 2018.

Nominations should consist of a short letter of nomination from the supervisor, accompanied by the Internal and External Examiner’s reports. Please note when writing your nomination that it will assist the Audrey Richards Prize readers and evaluators if you can illustrate why the nominee deserves recognition. Your supporting statement should elaborate on why the nominee’s accomplishments are worthy of the award.

The recommendation for the award is made by a Committee headed by Professor Ambreena Manji, the Vice-President of ASAUK, and confirmed by the ASAUK Council. The prize will be presented at the Biennial Conference at Birmingham in September 2018.

Nominations should be emailed to Professor Ambreena Manji, (please include ‘Audrey Richards Prize’ in the subject line). The thesis should be emailed or sent in hard copy by post to her at:

School of Law and Politics, Cardiff University, Law Building, Museum Avenue, Cardiff, Wales, CF10 3AX.


The winner of the 2016 Prize was Jesse Zink of the University of Cambridge, with two runners up: Maggie Dwyer and Rebecca Jones of  the Universities of Edinburgh and Birmingham respectively (see below).



Jesse Zink, 2016 Winner. Photographs by Iconic Productions

Jesse Zink, University of Cambridge

Maggie Dwyer, 2016 Runner-up. Photographs by Iconic Productions

The runners-up were:

Maggie Dwyer, University of Edinburgh

Rebecca Jones, 2016 Runner-up. Photographs by Iconic Productions

Rebecca Jones, University of Birmingham

Previous Winners


Sarah O’Neill, Anthropology, Goldsmiths, University of London

The runners-up were:

George Karekwaivanane, Faculty of History, Oxford University
Zoe Marks, Department of Politics and International Relations, Oxford University
Holly Porter, Department of Social Anthropology, LSE

WINNER: Fibian Lukalo, University of Cambridge
RUNNER-UP: Zoe Groves, University of Keele
RUNNER-UP: Maxim Bolt, LSE


WINNER: Hassanali Sachedin, Oxford University


WINNER: Fraser McNeil, LSE
WINNER:Ruth Marshall, University of Oxford


WINNER: Dr Williams Oliver Norman, LSE
WINNER: Dr Samuel Cyuma, OCMS, Oxford
RUNNER-UP: Dr Kate Meagher, Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford


WINNER: Joost Fontein, Edinburgh
RUNNER-UP: Rebekah Lee, Oxford
RUNNER-UP: Mattia Fumanti, Manchester


WINNER: Helen Tilley, Oxford
RUNNER-UP: Monica Bungaro, Birmingham
RUNNER-UP: Michael Taylor, Edinburgh


WINNER: Ruth Watson, Oxford
RUNNER-UP: Annette Czekelius, SOAS
RUNNER-UP: Jessica Schafer, Oxford


WINNER: John Murton, Cambridge
RUNNER-UP: Andrea Cornwall, SOAS
RUNNER-UP: Frederick Rohde, Edinburgh


WINNER: David Maxwell, Oxford
RUNNER-UP: John Parker, SOAS
RUNNER-UP: Andrew Bank, Cambridge
RUNNER-UP: Paul Clough, Oxford


WINNER: Caroline Orwin, SOAS
WINNER: Stephen Devereux, Oxford