Nominations for Mary Kingsley Zochonis Lecturer, 2019

ASAUK seeks nominations for the Mary Kingsley Zochonis lecturer. The Mary Kingsley Zochonis lecture will be delivered at an ASAUK event in the autumn of 2019. The lectureship award’s purpose is to encourage and support a young African scholar at an African university. The candidate should be at the beginning of their career in an African institution, and the content of the lecture should be non-scientific, non-technical and on an African subject. Zimbabwean, Ugandan, South African, Ethiopian, Nigerian, Kenyan and Sierra Leonean academics have delivered a diverse series of lectures in recent years.

The allowances include an economy return air fare to London, a prize of £500, accommodation and food expenses up to £500 and additionally, up to £250 for travel expenses to allow the lecturer to travel to other centres of African studies in the UK.

The proposed lecturer should be nominated by an academic colleague; no self-nominations please.

The nomination should include a concise statement of support from the academic nominator, a brief CV and a title and short statement on the topic of the proposed lecture.

Please send nominations by 30 March 2019 to Nici Nelson, Hon.Sec ASAUK  (   and to Lizzie Orekoya, RAS/ASAUK Adminstrator (

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