STREAM: African Art History

STREAM: African Art History

This stream aims to discuss the nature of African art history in the contemporary moment.
Considering the global dissemination of art history since its entrenchment as a West
European discipline in the 19th century this stream asks panelists to engage in a discussion
of the field as it is manifest on the African continent and as it frames African art. Panels
would discuss the writing of art history, the manner in which the discipline is taught on the
continent and abroad, the display of African art in Africa and the manner in which
contemporary art engages with African content.

The stream would invite panels on any of those topics or others including:

  • Writing African art history;
  • Teaching African art;
  • Displaying African art in
    African museums;
  • African art and contemporary global exhibitions

If you have any queries or suggestions please contact Danielle Becker (main contact)
( and Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz  ( For panel and paper submissions please follow the instructions on the website 

Featured image: Mary Sibande, The Reign (2010)

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