Stream: Digital Africa

Stream: Digital Africa

As information technologies continue to become a part of the international and local innovation zeitgeist, African social, political, economic and cultural institutions and society sit at the precipice of change. However, fundamental assumptions about the democratic potential of the digital revolution lurk uneasily within the growing body of literature related to information technologies.

To be visible, to participate more fully in civic life, and to initiate the kinds of social, economic and political change envisioned by the promise of the digital turn requires resources – financial and technological. Lloyd Morrisett’s notion of the digital divide is becoming more, not less, relevant as technological proliferation sweeps the globe; pushing those without internet access, computers, mobile phones, and the knowledge to operate within this increasingly digital environment, further from the centre of change.

Digital technology, computational research methods and the algorithmic modelling that define our current informational moment, are re-shaping global financial markets, heritage industries, media and arts practice and institutions, international development aims, political spheres and the environment – and yet a comprehensive assessment of how these shifts impact Africa is lacking. As a primary site for the extraction of the raw material that powers this global revolution, and arguably, where the greatest technological innovation, and social upheaval, is taking place – what will be the digital future of Africa?


Below is an indicative list of topics:


–              Archiving in the digital age

–              The internet and the democratisation of knowledge circulation

–              Wikipedia Zero in Angola

–              Elections in Africa: the role of social media

–              Publishing African literature in the digital age

–              Financial institutions and the digital

–              Nollywood Online: Production, Visibility and Audience

–              Connectivity and Interactions: African and its diaspora


Enquiries should be directed to Louisa Uchum Egbunike and Nathan Richards

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