STREAM: Media and Politics in Africa

STREAM: Media and Politics in Africa

The liberalisation of the media sector in Africa in the 1990s, the subsequent proliferation of news media outlets and the emergence of new media forms in the continent have had a profound impact on the continent’s political processes. In light of these changes, we invite proposals broadly interested in the relationship between media and politics in Africa.

Confirmed Panels

Mediatization of political practice in Kenya: Challenges and prospects

Political practice the world over is now fundamentally mediatised. It has effectively evolved from the podium to radio, television and to newer platforms such as social media and the internet. In Kenya, the relationship between media and politics has in recent years assumed even greater significance as a new regime of political communication redefines the conduct and practice of politics. There is a simultaneous dispersion and concentration of (political) power in multiple centres as the media assume new roles. Yet this media has also become an aggregate of differentiated communicative forms, variously constructed, intentioned and consumed, in part the result of the relative ubiquity of digital media and the attendant practices. This panel broadly assesses this evolving relationship between the media and politics in Kenya used equally as the basis for comparative studies elsewhere in Africa. The panel examines the ensuing debates, the challenges, prospects and impact of the mediatisation of politics and political practice. What does this new relationship mean for democratic practice and governance in the country and Africa more generally?

  • Partial election observer missions, ‘Githeri’ Media and the 2017 general elections in Kenya, Maweu, Jacinta, (University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya)
  • ‘Kill them before these cameras?’ Strategic uses of global media in Wizard of the Crow , Cartwright, Penelope, Claire Bicol, (University of Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom)
  • Media capture: The place and role of the media in Kenya’s political and democratic processes, Nyabuga, George, Morara, (University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya)
  • ‘Appointment with God’; Facebook, State-Surveillance and Extra Judicial Killings of Criminal Gangs in Eastlands Nairobi, Omanga, Duncan, (Moi University/University of Cambridge, Eldoret, Kenya)
  • Digital Media Strategies in Political Party and Aspirant Campaigns in Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria, Mudhai, Fred (School of Media and Performing Arts, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Coventry University, Coventry, United Kingdom) and Wright, Bianca, (School of Media and Performing Arts, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Coventry University, Coventry, United Kingdom)


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