STREAM: New Perspectives on African Regions and Regionalisms

STREAM: New Perspectives on African Regions and Regionalisms


This stream invites panels which critically reflect on the role of the state against that of the region. This is done in conjunction with the effects of regionalism in Africa. It is noted that the entire African region(s) faces multiple challenges, and opportunities. Most of the challenges have the potential to reverse gains made in the past decades while opportunities are present in Africa to make the 21st Century the African century as some have heralded. However uncertainty is inherent in Africa.  It is increasingly witnessed that many of the challenges facing Africa today are outside the power of the single state with regional implications and African wide reverberations. Consequently, the role of regionalism is ever more important. However, it is noted that African regionalism is heavily dependent on external support. This is evidenced by the dependency of the African Union and others on funding from the European Union and other external actors.

Panels are invited to critically debate the role of African states and non-state actors in the African regionalism. Panels are encouraged to examine the African place in the Intellectual History of Regionalism. The panels are encouraged to evaluate the contributions of African regional organisations such as the AU, ECOWAS, CEMAC, SADC, COMESA, EAC, IGAD etc. Scholars could as well examine sub-national regionalism such as what is being witnessed in the South-Western region of Nigeria e.g DAWN Commission.

We will welcome panels that focus on each of these regional spatial levels and how they interlink or affect one another. Issues such as alternative views of African security, the democratisation and regional organisations in African election monitoring, regional human rights regime, states and regional non-state actors’ responses to transnational organised crimes, China vs Western influence on African regional organisations, EU Economic Partnership Agreement and post-Brexit trade relations in Africa, regional alliance on counter-terrorism in Africa, statelessness/ refugees/ internally displaced persons, regular and irregular migration from, and within African regions. More importantly, what role can African regions play in addressing the youth employment in the continent?

If you have any queries or suggestions please contact Oluwabamidele Kogbe,, Manu Lekunze,, Lekan Adisa,, Akin Oyawale, For panel and paper submissions please follow the instructions on the website 

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