Teaching Fellowships

These are announced annually or every two years when funds are available. The ASAUK has a flexible approach to the award and would be keen to support co-funding or exchange arrangements to sustain a longer placement period. In addition to their agreed teaching duties, the successful candidates will be encouraged to propose a writing workshop (see www.asauk.net/writing.shtml). If such a workshop is accepted for funding by the ASAUK, fellows will be paid an additional sum to cover their time and administrative work.

In applying for a teaching fellowship, the applicant should:

  • demonstrate a pre-existing working relationship with the department where they wish to be attached (for example, the applicant should have previously studied there, been attached there, or worked there, etc).
  • demonstrate an appropriate match between the applicant’s discipline/area of study and the selected department and courses the applicant proposes to teach;
  • outline the purpose/aims/objectives of their period in the department;
  • include a detailed Action Plan clearly articulating what perceived need the visit will fill, how that need was identified and the projected outcomes of the visit;
  • provide a letter of invitation from the host institution and a letter of support from a supervisor or other referee in the UK.

For a description of the Teaching Fellowship scheme and a report on a recent fellowship, please visit www.asauk.net/teaching.shtml

Applicants should send the above materials by email to Prof. D. Maxwell (djm223@cam.ac.uk). Deadline for 2015 to be announced.