African Arguments Book Series and Blog

African Arguments Book Series and Blog


African Arguments Book Series and Blog


Ken Barlow, Senior Commissioning Editor, Zed Books,

Stephanie Kitchen, Managing Editor, International African Institute,

This session, organised by the International African Institute and Zed Books, is designed to provide both practical information and wider discussion around this successful book series and blog. The purpose is to serve as an outreach initiative for the book series and blog: to encourage new authors to consider submitting here, and to reflect on our recent and current publishing practices and books.

The aim of the African Arguments book series is to engage writing and research on topical African issues both within and beyond the academy. It publishes (in paperback and online) research and long-format journalism that engages with policy work, activism and the public at large. Recent books have been published on themes such as: Boko Haram; ebola; the environment, natural resources and oil; economic debates; and popular politics and protests. Country studies making wider empirical and theoretical contributions are also welcome in the series and some recent books cover the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Central African Republic and the Sudans.

The associated blogsite, hosted by the Royal African Society, is highly successful in popularising academic or specialist knowledge on the African continent, recording some 100,000 hits monthly. The blog has grown out of and beyond the book series and publishes weekly articles on African political and cultural issues, as well as articles linked to the book series and reviews.

Editors involved in the series and blog, and recent authors, will lead a round-table style discussion that all are welcome to attend and participate in.

Confirmed speakers:

  • James Wan
  • Ebenezer Obadare
  • Paul Richards
  • Celeste Hicks

BOOK LAUNCH: International African Institute and Zed Books – Taxing Africa: Coercion, Reform and Development

Tax is central to African development. Yet taxation is seen as an unlikely place to encounter big societal questions about democracy, equity or governance. But it is exactly these issues that pervade conversations about taxation among policymakers, tax collectors, civil society activists, journalists and foreign aid donors in Africa today

Written by leading international experts, Taxing Africa offers a cutting-edge analysis on all aspects of the continent’s tax regime, displaying the crucial role such arrangements have on attempts to create social justice and push economic advancement. From tax evasion by multinational corporations and African elites to how ordinary people navigate complex webs of ‘informal’ local taxation, the book examines the potential for reform, and how space might be created for enabling locally led strategies.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Mick Moore, International Centre for Tax and Development and Professorial Fellow at the Institute of Development Studies
  • Nic Cheeseman, Professor of Democracy, University of Birmingham
  • Nick Westcott, Director at the Royal African Society


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