ASAUK Statement on racism and police brutality

ASAUK Statement on racism and police brutality

In line with its mission and its commitment to further knowledge of Africa’s past and present, the African Studies Association UK expresses its solidarity with our academic colleagues and communities in the US and the UK following the murder of George Floyd. The scholarship of our members is fundamentally concerned with inequality, with histories of racism and with the legacies of the Atlantic slavery. For these reasons, we recognise the historic and present-day connections between struggles for justice across the globe. We speak out against racism, police brutality and state violence in Africa, the UK and the US, and express solidarity with the individuals and movements working for racial, political and economic justice. In our scholarship, we reiterate our commitment to interrogate and challenge the histories of racism and epistemic inequality that have marked the field of African Studies.


Please find the statement by our sister associations the African Studies Association of Africa and the African Studies Association here.

African Studies Association of Africa

African Studies Association.

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