Distinguished Africanist Award

Distinguished Africanist Award

Distinguished Africanist Award winners Professors Paulo de Moraes Farias (2017) and Karin Barber (2018) with former ASAUK President Insa Nolte (2016-18)


The Distinguished Africanist Award was inaugurated by the ASAUK as a way of paying tribute to people who have made exceptional contributions to the field of African studies, i.e. scholars who have in one way or another expanded and disseminated knowledge of Africa, and interest in Africa. The award is not confined to academics. It is intended for people who have contributed largely to African Studies in the UK, or who have strengthened links between African Studies here and in Africa itself. The first awards were made during the ASAUK conference on Human Rights in Africa at Preston in 2001.


Nominations for the 2019/20 award should be sent to David Kerr (Hon. Sec.) on d.kerr@bham.ac.uk and copied to (RAS/ASAUK Administrator) on ras@soas.ac.uk


Deadline for nominations is 15 June 2020.


The nomination should consist of 3 elements combined into one PDF document.  The three elements should be :

  1. a concise one page single spaced statement by the nominator, outlining the range of contributions by the nominee to African Studies in the UK
  2. a selective one page C.V. with major book publications
  3. plus two single page statements of support by two other members.*

Those nominated must give prior consent to having their name put forward.


* These guidelines supersede all previous versions.


Professor Paulo Fernando de Moraes Farias and Professor Karin Barber


JDY Peel, Nici Nelson and Richard Hodder-Williams


Gavin Williams

2011 and 2012

Kenneth and Pravina King, and LalageBown


Robin Law


James Currey


John McCracken


George Shepperson


John Lonsdale


Tony Kirk-Greene


Roland Oliver and Terry Ranger


Lionel Cliffe, Eldred and Marjorie Jones and Shula Marks


Basil Davidson, John Fage, and Douglas Rimmer