Call for Papers and Panels ASAUK 2018: NOW OPEN

Call for Papers and Panels ASAUK 2018: NOW OPEN

The ASAUK 2018 conference (11-13 September 2018, University of Birmingham, UK) celebrates the diversity and interdisciplinarity of the study of Africa. To build networks among scholars interested in similar topics or fields, the conference includes several thematic streams.

Papers and panels can be submitted to the conference’s thematic streams or directly to the conference organisers.

The deadline for submissions is 16 February 2018.

Stream organisers are responsible for organising at least two thematically linked panels, with a panel normally consisting of a minimum of three paper presenters and one chair. They are also expected to respond to proposals from colleagues who wish to contribute panels or individual papers to their stream.

A list of all the streams with short abstracts and details on the organisers can be downloaded here:



Or can be viewed on the website via this link: 

All individuals who would like to submit papers and panels or who would like to attend the conference will have to register on our conference organising system. This can be found by clicking on the following link: 

For clarification and the convenience of our delegates we have drawn up How To guides with detailed step by step information on how to register on the system, how to submit an abstract/paper and how to submit a panel. Panel abstracts must include the names of at least two papers and their presenters.


Detailed description of how to register can be found here:



Detailed description on how to submit an abstract/paper can be found here:



Detailed description on how to submit a panel can be found here:




Please note:

Information on how to register chairs and discussants will be made available soon.

We are not yet able to provide the final prices for conference attendance but we expect to publish this late October 2017.

We strongly encourage all applicants to apply for conference funding independently. A small number of bursaries will be available to participants. Information will be published here soon.

ASAUK conferences do not limit participants’ contributions, and conference participants are allowed to present as many papers as are accepted by the organisers. Participants are also allowed to take on multiple duties as chairs and discussants.

The ASAUK is run solely by volunteers. Income from the conference pays for the cost of the hosting university’s infrastructure, organisation, subsidies for student presenters, bursaries for Africa-based scholars, prices, and the Association’s support of UK-African collaboration through Writing Workshops and Teaching Fellowships.



Photo credit: © The University of Birmingham Research and Cultural Collections.  

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