Dignity and Development

Dignity and Development


This theme explores dignity and development, as foundational, though often implicit, concepts of the sustainable development goals in diverse African contexts.  We contend that dignity and heritage are indispensable to modes of development that concur with visions of prosperity and a good life. For decades contested notions of dignified futures and livelihoods have been an epicentre for community-based activism, development, and natural resource management and politics. They have had to contend with different official visions of what their sustained future should be.

The purposes of this theme are threefold:

1. To examine how dignity and heritage can be brought to the centre of sustainable development in specific communities;

2. Understand how formal policy processes that form around the SDGs and other similar international and national targets cope with heritage and dignity;

3. Explore how the insights from these instances can facilitate critical scholars’ engagement with sustainable development agendas and alternatives to them.

Organiser: Caroline Howe (caroline.howe@imperial.ac.uk)