Gender and Violence in Africa

Gender and Violence in Africa

This stream reviews the violence experienced by men and women, boys and girls within Africa.

The first panel is on ‘Gender, conflict and peace processes’ and will include research on gender issues during conflict including gender and displacement, women’s participation in peace making, the women peace and security agenda and transitional justice.

Two panels on ‘gender-based violence in African context’ will examine forms, causes and responses to gender-based violence. The topics will include intimate partner violence, sexual violence against women, men and children, sexual harassment, female genital mutilation, early marriages and other harmful cultural practices. The two panels will include papers that focus on researching GBV in terms of methods and ethics as well as theoretical contributions on the causes of gender-based violence.

The fourth panel will focus on ‘Gender and violent extremism’. This panel will include research that problematizes violent extremism and terrorism; examines the impact of violent extremism on women and their communities, and studies women’s role in the prevention of violent extremism and as perpetrators of terrorism.

Organisers: Sahla Aroussi ( and Heidi Stöckl (