Lagos: new approaches to a global megacity

Lagos: new approaches to a global megacity


Lagos represents one of Africa’s most dynamic megacities, with a cultural, intellectual, and technological footprint extending across multiple continents. This stream will showcase original and innovative research focused on Lagos and its environs. Presenting work by scholars based across the world, it will draw particularly on the work of emerging, early career, and established scholars from Nigeria. The work presented in this stream will speak to a growing body of research on Lagos, partly coalescing around the LSA’s annual conference in the city, as well as engaging comparatively with urbanism across Africa and beyond.

We deliberately seek to create an environment in which questions and ideas can be explored across disciplinary and geographical boundaries. With these objectives in mind, we propose four panels organised thematically to encourage debate across fields:

– history, archaeology, and maritime heritage.

– culture, religion and philosophy.

– gender and media.

– infrastructure, politics, and urban planning.

These panels speak to recent developments in Lagos scholarship, for example in literature on informality and urban governance, the maritime development of the African city, and the role of religious subjectivities in shaping social change in Lagos.

Organisers: Saheed Aderinto ( and Oliver Coates (