The African Studies Association UK (ASAUK) invites publishers to nominate titles for the Fage & Oliver Prize. The ASAUK presents the Fage & Oliver Prize to the author of an outstanding original scholarly work published on Africa during the preceding two years.

John Donnelly Fage (1921-2002) and Roland Oliver (1923-2014) were pioneers of British African Studies. After a decade teaching in the University of the Gold Coast, Fage spent the rest of his career at Birmingham University where he founded the Centre of  West African Studies (CWAS). With Oliver he founded The Journal of African History (1960). Oliver taught at the School of Oriental and African Studies (1948 -1986). He was one of the founders of the African Studies Association of the United Kingdom (1963) and played a major role in the establishment of the British Institute in Eastern Africa.

The winner of the Fage & Oliver Prize will be announced at the Biennial ASAUK Conference in Liverpool in 2022. A list of the finalists for the Prize will be published in the programme of the meeting and on the ASAUK’s website at

Nominations are made directly by publishers who may nominate no more than 3 titles. Eligible titles would be original non-fiction scholarly works published in English (or translated into English) and distributed in the United Kingdom. Entries from all continents meeting these criteria are welcome. We especially welcome nominations from small and independent publishers. Publishers must supply either 2 printed copies of each title submitted plus one electronic copy of the book as a pdf file for review; or 3 printed copies in such rare cases where an electronic copy cannot be supplied. Following submission and shortlisting stages, publishers may be asked to supply up to 4 additional copies to the judging panel.

The subject matter has to significantly deal with Africa and/or related areas (Cape Verde, Madagascar, or Indian Ocean Islands off the East African coast). Collections and compilations, proceedings of symposia, new editions of previously published books, bibliographies, and dictionaries are not eligible.

The winner of the 2020 Fage & Oliver prize was announced immediately after the Biennial ASAUK Conference AGM, that due to COVID was held entirely online. The winner was The Man Who Killed Apartheid: The Life of Dimitri Tsafendas by Harris Dousemetzis (South Africa, Jacana Media). More information is given on the ASAUK webpage

Only books with a 2020 or 2021 copyright are eligible for the 2022 Prize. The deadline for submissions is 15th March 2022. Copies of nominated monographs should be sent by the 15th March 2022 deadline to:

The Co-ordinator

C/O Lizzie Orekoya

ASAUK  Fage and Oliver Book Prize 2022
RAS Offices  SOAS Mail Room
School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)  Thornhaugh Street LONDON WC1H 0XG


E-copies (PDF files) of books being entered should be sent to with the subject heading ‘Fage & Oliver Prize 2022’.

Enquiries can also be directed to the ASAUK email address above.


All book hard copies should reach SOAS by the deadline 15th March, 2022. We will not check the SOAS mailroom after this date.

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