Sponsorship for conferences, workshops & events

Each Non-Biennial Conference year, with the generous backing of the Royal African Society, the ASAUK supports a number of academic events in the UK, including conferences, workshops and symposia.

The ASAUK is able to consider applications from organisers ONLY for up to £500 to support UK academic workshops/conferences.

While the ASAUK will consider any element of workshop/conference costs, the organisation is particularly keen to contribute to the bringing of African scholars to UK conferences and will give first priority to those applications which request funding for that purpose.

The ASAUK Council meets in, May, September and December to make decisions on grant applications. Please ensure that your application reaches us at least 4 months before your event is scheduled to take place to ensure that it can be considered at a meeting of the ASAUK Council.

ASAUK has recently decided to attach these conditions to any conference grants:

  1. The conference or panel organiser must ensure that the conference is open to all ASAUK members (provided they register on time, pay the conference fee, etc.)
  2. The conference or panel organiser must prepare a conference report of ca. 500 words for the ASAUK newsletter as soon as possible after the conference. If no report is provided, the institution may be blocked from further applications in the future.
  3. The conference or panel organiser must be either a personal or an institutional member of ASAUK.
  4. The conference or panel organiser must also acknowledge the financial support from the ASAUK in all advertising and conference information.

If you wish to apply, please email the following information to the ASAUK secretary, secretary@asauk.net

Title, First name, & Last name:


Position (e.g. Professor, Reader, etc):


Contact telephone number:

Address, City, Postcode, Country:

Name of conference/workshop to be supported:



Give a brief description of the conference/workshop (max 300 words)

Applications must provide clearly defined aims/ objectives of the conference/workshop. These should be relatively consistent with the broad aims of ASAUK. See the ASAUK website for guidance.

Amount requested:

Amount requested from other sources (incl. amounts granted and/or dates of decisions):

Proposed use of requested funds:

Please provide a detailed breakdown of how you intend to use the funds.

If you expect to bring in external speakers, provide their names/affiliation and briefly explain how their attendance will contribute towards achieving the aims/objectives of the conference/workshop.

Note that we do not support the cost of drinks receptions or conference dinners.

The Secretary of the ASAUK will get back to you with regard to this application.