STREAM: Honouring Abdul Raufu Mustapha

STREAM: Honouring Abdul Raufu Mustapha

This stream is to honour Raufu Mustapha : scholar, teacher and friend. It will engage with themes central to Raufu’s research and his contributions to our understanding of African societies, economies and politics. These themes include peasant differentiation and rural politics, ethnicity and the national questions, democratisation and democratic politics, Muslim identities and Islamic movements, and oil politics. We encourage papers that not only fit within these themes, but also engage with the important analytical and theoretical insights that Raufu’s work contributed to African studies

Confirmed panels


Panel 1: Democratization and democratic politics

Chair: Ricardo Soares de Oliveira

  • Sishuwa Sishuwa, ‘The limits of civil society: rethinking the third-term debate and the defense of democracy in Zambia’
  • Sa’eed Husaini, ‘Encountering Friction: Party Loyalty, and Grassroots Political Culture in Nigeria’s Fourth Republic’
  • Tunde Oseni, ‘Dissecting the ‘Civil’ from the ‘Political’: Dynamics of Fuel Subsidy Removal Protests in Nigeria’
  • Kwaku Abrefa Busia, ‘Ethnicity and the national question: Seeing Raufu through Ashanti Ethno-nationalism and state-chieftaincy relations in Ghana’

Panel 2: Agrarian transformations and rural politics

Chair: Lindsay Whitfield

  • Kate Meagher, ‘Unsettled Inclusion:  Political Settlements, Agrarian Transformation and Economic Inclusion in Africa’
  • Paul Clough, ‘Analyzing Change in the Moral Economy of Rural Hausaland: recent research’
  • Gavin Williams, ‘Russian peasants and rural Hausa’
  • Gary Littlejohn, ‘Marxist/Soviet Influences on African Development’

Panel 3: Muslim Identities and Islamic Movements

Chair: Gavin Williams

  • David Ehrhardt, ‘Taking seriously Nigerian politics beyond the state’
  • Hadiza Kere Abdulrahman,  ‘Beggars on the Streets and Boko Haram in the Headlines: The ‘Almajiri Character Framework’ as a Tool for Self Identification and (Re)Presentation.’
  • Portia Roelofs, ‘Can there be too much inter-faith dialogue? An initial comparison of donor-funded peacebuilding models and local religious actors in Borno and Adamawa’


If you have any queries or suggestions please contact Lindsay Whitfield (, Gavin Williams (, Ricardo de Soares Oliveira (  For panel and paper submissions please follow the instructions on the website 

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