We are pleased to have received a great deal of positive feedback on the 2016 ASAUK Conference at the University of Cambridge. However, we are disappointed and concerned to hear that many delegates were unable to attend due to visa refusals or inability to enter the country. If you or a colleague of yours was affected, we would like to encourage you to report the case under the subject heading ‘ 2016 ASAUK Conference’ to the incoming President of the Association, Insa Nolte, by email ideally by 31 October 2016. We will share your experience with the Royal African Society and lodge our protest on your behalf with the relevant authorities.

In order to gather accurate information and to be able to take steps to address problems experienced, we ask that you please provide:

  • A Your full name, institutional affiliation, contact details and the details of your contribution to the ASAUK conference, ie. the names of all panels to which you would have contributed, the titles of your paper(s), and any other functions (chair, discussant) for which you were listed in the programme.
  • B The date and location of your application for a visa;
  • C the full details of all circumstances surrounding any denial of visa, refusal of entry or other event;
  • D any reasons provided orally or in writing to you.

Please provide this information as accurately as you can in full narrative form. This will enable ASA to press our case with any authorities with credibility and accuracy

Thank you!

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